Writers’ Block: Moving into Phase 3

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People’s lived experience and opinions may be unalike with their different backgrounds, but each bring a unique perspective to discourse in Singapore. In this series, Ignite Media’s youth writers pen down their raw thoughts in hopes of sparking conversation on different topics ranging from trivial debate to serious social issues.

Singaporeans were abuzz with mixed reactions on Friday (June 18) when the Government announced that Phase Three (heightened alert) would reopen in two phases due to the recent spike in Covid-19 community cases. While some celebrated the reopening of gyms and maskless indoor exercise on June 21, others lamented the delay in returning to dining out in groups of five.

Here’s what our writers had to say about the news:

I’m surprised that there isn’t a delay in dining in and that the Government announced that we can dine in pairs. I thought that they would push back dining in by a week or two since the situation seems worse than when they implemented Phase Two (heightened alert) a month ago. However, this announcement doesn’t really affect me because I only go out in a group of two, so I’m planning to go out with a bunch of friends that I haven’t seen in a while! Food is very important to me, so it’ll be lovely to sit down for a few hours over a nice meal once again 🙂

– Isabel Phua, 20

Honestly, it came as no surprise that there was a delay in fully reopening back to Phase 3 due to the Bukit Merah cluster — though I did not expect they would allow dining in on Monday since the Government usually takes extra precautions. The resumption of mask-off activities, especially spin studios, was such great news! There are some studios reopening cautiously by requesting riders wear their masks while exercising, but I can’t imagine sweating and panting with a mask on. Regardless of the limitations, this news is a small sigh of relief that we’re slowly getting closer to getting our ‘normal’ lives back.

– Willa, 24

I’m honestly not surprised given the uptick in community cases, but still a little disappointed, especially since my birthday was spent at home and I didn’t quite get to meet friends as I originally hoped. But given that we are able to gather in groups of five, would it be too much to sit down with food with four other friends? 🤔

– Yong Jiayu, 22

I’m planning to meet certain friends over dinner outside and am glad that at least we can still dine out one-on-one. More than anything, I really just hope it’s a firm stepping stone toward this pandemic just being over – it’s been too long!!

– Gerald Koh, 22

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