The Toxicity of University ‘Hustle’ Culture

These days, a student focusing on academics and good grades alone is insufficient. Very insufficient. You need to do a part-time internship then volunteer at church on weekends. After your classes, do some sports. In between your classes, go to the library to work on your case competition. Read a book.


Can we be anti-work, Singapore?

Workaholic. Overworked. These are the two most common terms describing Singapore’s intense work culture. We hear about new strategies from nap pods to employee well-being days but none of them addresses the real question:

Can we truly reimagine the nature of work?


“You’re Too Quiet”: Rethinking the Extrovert Ideal

For years, I struggled to figure out what was wrong. It was just not in my nature to confidently volunteer my thoughts in front of a crowd, or cheerfully banter with groups of people I was unfamiliar with.

Why are extroverts more preferred, and how can introverts find their place in a world that largely favours those who talk more?