Zoom University: Lessons from our Senior (Citizens)

What makes Zoom events or classes so unappealing to us? Maybe it’s the awkward silence, or the feeling of self-consciousness we get from feeling everyone’s eyes on us. However, like it or not, online events are here to stay in the near future. How, then, can we make them a more enjoyable experience?


“Racist, or Just Culturally Insensitive”: Why Not Both?

Since the PA’s high-profile misstep regarding a Hari Raya standee several weeks ago, we’ve witnessed the debate turn into an intractable tug-of-war between those who saw it as “racist”, and those who didn’t.

It’s clear, however, that both sides of the debate understand the term somewhat differently, and it’s these understandings I attempt to unpack here.

Commentary Writers' Block

Writers’ Block: Moving into Phase 3

Singaporeans were abuzz with mixed reactions on Friday (June 18) when the Government announced that Phase Three (heightened alert) would reopen in two phases due to the recent spike in Covid-19 community cases. While some celebrated the reopening of gyms and maskless indoor exercise on June 21, others lamented the delay in returning to dining out in groups of five.