Letters of Love: How these Youths are Battling Elderly Isolation in Singapore

What do PUBG, the Circuit Breaker and handmade cards have to do with the elderly?

Read on to find out about the journey of the budding social enterprise Hey, You Got Mail! and how they are battling the problem of elderly isolation in Singapore, one letter at a time.


Activism, The ‘New Normal’ (Pt. 3) – Arts Conservation

As part of our multi-segment look at how the different activist sectors are responding to the COVID-19’s impacts on their programmes and outreach, we zoom into Singapore’s very own arts scene.

This week, we had the opportunity to have a conversation with a representative from Arts House Limited – an organisation dedicated to enriching the Singaporean scene through the arts.


Activism, the ‘New Normal’ (Pt. 1) – Migrant Worker Advocacy

Though the circuit breaker period has revealed many who have fallen through the cracks of Singapore society, it has also spotlighted the work of various peoples and organisations who are stepping in to plug the gap. In this series, we hear from activists to find out how COVID-19 has changed their different fields of activism, including mental health, migrant worker advocacy and LGBTQ rights.