Can we be anti-work, Singapore?

Workaholic. Overworked. These are the two most common terms describing Singapore’s intense work culture. We hear about new strategies from nap pods to employee well-being days but none of them addresses the real question:

Can we truly reimagine the nature of work?


“You’re Too Quiet”: Rethinking the Extrovert Ideal

For years, I struggled to figure out what was wrong. It was just not in my nature to confidently volunteer my thoughts in front of a crowd, or cheerfully banter with groups of people I was unfamiliar with.

Why are extroverts more preferred, and how can introverts find their place in a world that largely favours those who talk more?


Why Do We Love to Gamble During Chinese New Year?

With Lunar New Year approaching, we start to hear the familiar sounds again: house-visits are often backgrounded by the clicks and clacks of mahjong tiles, and peals of laughter that follow the ripples of “Double! Double!” in a game of In-Between.

But why do we gamble during this season? And is there a line to festive social gambling?