Activism, the New Normal (Pt. 2) – LGBTQIA+ Activism

LGBTQIA+ advocates are no strangers to the internet and many of its earliest organisations were first birthed in this space. Is the online sphere the safe haven many often associate it to be? And has it been as inclusive as it claims to be for all members of the community?

In this post, we talk to Lune to find out.


Activism, the ‘New Normal’ (Pt. 1) – Migrant Worker Advocacy

Though the circuit breaker period has revealed many who have fallen through the cracks of Singapore society, it has also spotlighted the work of various peoples and organisations who are stepping in to plug the gap. In this series, we hear from activists to find out how COVID-19 has changed their different fields of activism, including mental health, migrant worker advocacy and LGBTQ rights.