Is Chinese Privilege Really “Entirely Baseless”?

During the National Day Rally 2021, people had mixed reactions to a portion during PM Lee’s Chinese speech — sparking a flurry of anger online. While he does explain in his speech that the Government has stayed impartial and that the Chinese community has made sacrifices, there are reasons why you may disagree with him.


Lies Can Destroy Lives: Why False Accusations Deserve Harsher Punishments

Dr Yeo Sow Nam was acquitted of all four charges of molesting a woman after she admitted to lying in court. What did it cost him? S$600,000 in legal fees over the course of his 4-year long battle.

Yet, the accuser still hides behind the veil of anonymity with a gag order protecting her, and the charge of perjury — if she is even charged — is abysmal. Is this really enough?


“Racist, or Just Culturally Insensitive”: Why Not Both?

Since the PA’s high-profile misstep regarding a Hari Raya standee several weeks ago, we’ve witnessed the debate turn into an intractable tug-of-war between those who saw it as “racist”, and those who didn’t.

It’s clear, however, that both sides of the debate understand the term somewhat differently, and it’s these understandings I attempt to unpack here.