Enabling Change through Students and Stickers

Meet Yong Jie, a 26-year old Social Work undergraduate at NUS. Student, Entrepreneur and Inclusivity Advocate, read his story here.


Activism, The ‘New Normal’ (Pt. 3) – Arts Conservation

As part of our multi-segment look at how the different activist sectors are responding to the COVID-19’s impacts on their programmes and outreach, we zoom into Singapore’s very own arts scene.

This week, we had the opportunity to have a conversation with a representative from Arts House Limited – an organisation dedicated to enriching the Singaporean scene through the arts.


Casual Racism: Stop Staying Silent

The year is 2020, and the Little Red Dot of Southeast Asia has managed to position itself as a thriving and peaceful city. Most of this tranquility can be said to have stemmed from the racial and religious harmony forged among the citizens of Singapore, accounting for a particularly cohesive community.

Consider this: Are we truly the harmonious society we project ourselves to be, absent of all errors?