The Toxicity of University ‘Hustle’ Culture

These days, a student focusing on academics and good grades alone is insufficient. Very insufficient. You need to do a part-time internship then volunteer at church on weekends. After your classes, do some sports. In between your classes, go to the library to work on your case competition. Read a book.


Is NUS Ready for an Interdisciplinary Education?

From specialists to generalists, NUS’s recent announcements have been all about one thing — an interdisciplinary education. As first-year students of recently merged College of Humanities and Sciences get ready to start the new semester, and NUS’s recent announcement of the new dean of the Yale-NUS and USP merger, questions about whether the university is aptly prepared for providing interdisciplinary education are increasing. Ignite’s Sorfina writes that perhaps, more can be done.


There’s More to the Modern Life Path

For all the young Singaporeans out there, you’re probably accustomed to hearing about a certain path of how your life journey is supposed to unfold over the years. However, are our preconceived notions of what the first 25 years or so of our lives are supposed to play out true, or is there more to the modern life path?


Let’s Finally Abolish SAP Schools

Almost a yearly affair, the existence of Special Assistance Programme (SAP) schools has been questioned again and again, only to be justified yet again and again. We would have to trace its origins to understand its purpose and then unpack the privileges gifted to the SAP schools, which brings us to the central question: does their continued existence pose more harm than good?