I Tried Making Friends Online, and Here’s How it Went

Finding new friendships with the current social distancing norm is incredibly difficult and awkward, but how about socialising… distantly? Ignite’s Nicole discusses her experience making friends on a multitude of online platforms, and how best to navigate the world of internet friendship.

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Up Close With Singapore’s Rising TikTok Stars

Be it dancing to a viral “TikTok song”, uploading videos about “hidden gems” in Singapore, or showcasing hidden talents, TikTok is the up-and-coming social media platform for those seeking a creative outlet, and for those looking for quick entertainment. Ignite’s Annabelle sits down with three of the platform’s rising Singaporean stars to find out more.


Before You Go Incognito

If asked if you have watched porn, most of us can’t deny we have watched it at least once — it is now more accessible than ever with a click of a button thanks to the Internet. But despite its ability to provide pleasure, it has also been attributed to negative behaviours such as propagating unhealthy expectations.

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Let’s Talk to a Real Singaporean VTuber

While 2021 has definitely been a rollercoaster ride, never would I envision myself speaking to a rainbow-coloured anime catgirl over a conference call. Yet, while speaking to VTuber Caturteer was a surreal experience, it was also definitely more engaging than any University zoom breakout session I’ve had over the past year.


Dank or Cringe: How Do Singaporeans Use Memes?

PM Lee’s magical language-changing tea cup, the forespoken East Coast plan, Beow Tan… memes in Singapore are taking flight, bringing laughter to Singapore’s own shores. Yet, sometimes memes can overstep boundaries and cause outrage — such as the first onslaught of memes after Joseph Schooling’s Olympic swim.

Ignite’s Jia Yu takes a deep dive into our homegrown memes to find out why we meme, and what are its impacts on Singapore today.