“Influencers” and Cancel Culture: What Does Cancel Culture Actually Mean?

The term originated in 2017, and has slowly but surely picked up negative connotations. While some have been quick to call for the cancelling of cancel culture, whose definition of cancel culture are they exactly referring to?


The City Revival Saga: When Opinions Aren’t Just Harmless Opinions

As with all controversial things uploaded online, the video was swiftly taken down but the damage had already been done. Joanna Theng and Jaime Wong, the two featured in the video, also issued apologies of their own, before the former decided to “take some time off social media”. Despite the criticism, some have come to their defence, asserting that the pair were merely expressing their own harmless opinions. And this is where I disagree.


The Mental Health Pandemic in Singapore

The current pandemic has unveiled many structural issues at home, from the cramped living conditions of migrant workers to the under-payed services that are often essential. While there are a
host of things to work on moving toward a new normal, one important topic seems to have escaped mainstream discussion amid all that is going on – mental health in Singapore.