THE SOLDIERS: South Korea’s New Military Reality Show Displays How Soft Power Goes Hard

You may have seen clips circulating on TikTok, or perhaps as a thumbnail of half-naked men on your YouTube recommended. However, South Korea’s new military reality show is more than just ripped men fighting in mud and rain.


Chao Recruit!: Turning the NS Experience Into a Card Game

You’ve heard of Singaporean Dream, Hawker Wars and Chope! The Card Game. Now, get ready for Chao Recruit!

The BMT – inspired card game was created by NUS students Liu Chuanjiang and Romaine Lee. Speaking to Liu, we find out more about what it took for them to create their card game from their inspirations to their aspirations for what lies ahead for their board game.

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Let’s Talk to a Real Singaporean VTuber

While 2021 has definitely been a rollercoaster ride, never would I envision myself speaking to a rainbow-coloured anime catgirl over a conference call. Yet, while speaking to VTuber Caturteer was a surreal experience, it was also definitely more engaging than any University zoom breakout session I’ve had over the past year.


Are You Proud to be a Singaporean?

As Singapore reaches fifty-five, it’s always fun to reflect on the pride of our nation and question the extent of which these feelings of pride are genuine or enforced messages from “nation-building”.

I posed this question to my tiny following of university graduates and aunts that strayed from Facebook: Are you proud to be a Singaporean?