Why Do We Love to Gamble During Chinese New Year?

With Lunar New Year approaching, we start to hear the familiar sounds again: house-visits are often backgrounded by the clicks and clacks of mahjong tiles, and peals of laughter that follow the ripples of “Double! Double!” in a game of In-Between.

But why do we gamble during this season? And is there a line to festive social gambling?

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Performance With Purpose: This Elderly Theatre Troupe Shows How the Arts Can Engage Our Seniors

Senior theatre benefits our older generation — from the performers themselves to the audience. But could it be for the rest of us too?

Listening to radio plays such as Chap Lau brings the older audience to a period of nostalgia, and the younger audience to a time we know less about. From currency to housing situations, things are constantly changing and getting replaced — but they are preserved in performance.