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Let’s Finally Abolish SAP Schools

Almost a yearly affair, the existence of Special Assistance Programme (SAP) schools has been questioned again and again, only to be justified yet again and again. We would have to trace its origins to understand its purpose and then unpack the privileges gifted to the SAP schools, which brings us to the central question: does their continued existence pose more harm than good?

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The City Revival Saga: When Opinions Aren’t Just Harmless Opinions

As with all controversial things uploaded online, the video was swiftly taken down but the damage had already been done. Joanna Theng and Jaime Wong, the two featured in the video, also issued apologies of their own, before the former decided to “take some time off social media”. Despite the criticism, some have come to their defence, asserting that the pair were merely expressing their own harmless opinions. And this is where I disagree.

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Activism, the ‘New Normal’ (Pt. 1) – Migrant Worker Advocacy

Though the circuit breaker period has revealed many who have fallen through the cracks of Singapore society, it has also spotlighted the work of various peoples and organisations who are stepping in to plug the gap. In this series, we hear from activists to find out how COVID-19 has changed their different fields of activism, including mental health, migrant worker advocacy and LGBTQ rights.

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How to be an Ally 101: Responding to Institutional Racism

The recent #BlackLivesMatter movement in the USA prompted many in Singapore to post petitions and raise awareness for the many injustices faced by the African-American community… As always, if you are a member of the majority confronting your privilege, talking about this will be uncomfortable, and it should make you feel that way. So, let us face the very real reality of racism in Singapore and examine how we all can work together to mitigate this sickness rooted in our beloved city-state.

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Casual Racism: Stop Staying Silent

The year is 2020, and the Little Red Dot of Southeast Asia has managed to position itself as a thriving and peaceful city. Most of this tranquility can be said to have stemmed from the racial and religious harmony forged among the citizens of Singapore, accounting for a particularly cohesive community.

Consider this: Are we truly the harmonious society we project ourselves to be, absent of all errors?

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The Roofs Over Our Heads

During these times when we are all staying home, we are more aware of our homes, of the roofs over our heads. The roofs that were built not by our people, but by our brothers from our neighbouring countries, the migrant construction workers. And yet, these people that helped build up our cosmopolitan country are often not welcomed with thanks and praise, but with disdain and blame.