Goodstock: Rekindling Support for the Ubin Community

What does Ubin mean to you?

For one group of Republic Polytechnic’s School of Sports, Health, and Leisure staff and students, Ubin is like their ‘second home’. Seeing the dwindling business and health gaps for less mobile residents on the island, this community group is hoping more people will return to the island and support residents with ‘the simple things’.


Is Singapore Addicted to Poverty Porn?

When you mindlessly scroll through the Internet, you would have probably seen advertisements featuring hungry children crying with pleas for donations. These kinds of advertisements — termed poverty porn — are a common sight here in Singapore, be it for attracting donations or calling for volunteers. While we are accustomed to it, why do we need poverty porn to encourage us to act? And what does this say about our culture?

Old National Library, Singapore

Demolishing The Singaporean Identity

As Singapore continues to progress and develop, we often hear news of such heritage buildings being demolished to make way for yet another highway or MRT line, followed by the fight to preserve these buildings instead.

So, what do buildings have to do with our national identity and culture?


How to be an Ally 101: Responding to Institutional Racism

The recent #BlackLivesMatter movement in the USA prompted many in Singapore to post petitions and raise awareness for the many injustices faced by the African-American community… As always, if you are a member of the majority confronting your privilege, talking about this will be uncomfortable, and it should make you feel that way. So, let us face the very real reality of racism in Singapore and examine how we all can work together to mitigate this sickness rooted in our beloved city-state.