Chao Recruit!: Turning the NS Experience Into a Card Game

You’ve heard of Singaporean Dream, Hawker Wars and Chope! The Card Game. Now, get ready for Chao Recruit!

The BMT – inspired card game was created by NUS students Liu Chuanjiang and Romaine Lee. Speaking to Liu, we find out more about what it took for them to create their card game from their inspirations to their aspirations for what lies ahead for their board game.


Dank or Cringe: How Do Singaporeans Use Memes?

PM Lee’s magical language-changing tea cup, the forespoken East Coast plan, Beow Tan… memes in Singapore are taking flight, bringing laughter to Singapore’s own shores. Yet, sometimes memes can overstep boundaries and cause outrage — such as the first onslaught of memes after Joseph Schooling’s Olympic swim.

Ignite’s Jia Yu takes a deep dive into our homegrown memes to find out why we meme, and what are its impacts on Singapore today.